Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Adaptive Leadership Essay

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Effectiveness of adaptive Leadership in turbulence environment of organisation *Ms. Anju Bharti Abstract: The new generation is witnessing a revolutionary advancements in industrial and information technology as the globalization of international trade is creating more complex flows of people, goods, funds, and technology across national and political boundaries. To cope up with these needs, we require leaders with empathy, drive, integrity, and courage – across society and throughout organisational hierarchies – whose core purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of others(D. Scott DeRue, Gretchen Spreitzer, Brian Flanagan, & Benjamin Allen,2013). Modern organizations are facing challenges that are unprecedented in complexity and scale. Economic institutions that were historically independent are now part of a global ecosystem that keeps on fluctuating making the economic environment quite turbulent. Now we need adaptive leaders who can embrace this responsibility and can mobilise collective action…show more content…
The success of a company depends largely upon the engagement of its extended ecosystem of suppliers and collaborators. Technology now makes it possible for large groups to collaborate on complex tasks, such as product innovation, across functional and corporate boundaries. This kind of innovation is required to maintain sustainability. The business model must be aligned with its broader social and ecological context to create “social advantage” to strengthen the business’s sustainability. Leaders must do more than maximize profitability and must ensure the sustainability of their companies’ business models and look for opportunities to align economic and social vectors for
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