Adco's Sustainability

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The rapid change in the economic, environmental, and social environment has directed all industries to address sustainability and include it in their plans. Over the past years, the oil and gas sector, which is considered one of the largest in the world, has grown remarkably making it very difficult making it very crucial for this sector to adopt and implement significant changes in the way it operates. For better understanding of the landscape of the oil and gas sector, The Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations ltd. (ADCO) has bees selected as a successful example for making sustainability an integral part of its organizational culture.

Literature Review
Many Studies have been conducted on sustainable
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ADCo believes that employees are the most important resouces. Therefore, it is devoted to the well being of its employees and to providing them with an appropriate working environment that help them in furher development and prosperity. Policies and procedures were developed to ensure the mental and physical well being of employees with special focus on Emiritization programs. The Company’s strategy is to produce a continuous flow specialized skills and talents that conveys fruitful business development and cooperative execution ver the Company.
Key differentiators were created by ADCO: care for people, training, safe work environment, innovation open communication, and leadership culture.
Work diversity and equal opportunities
The multicultural working environment is encouraged to enable the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Also, equal opportunities is given to all employees. Preferential treatment is prohibited and salary grades are the same for males and females. Further, the number of new employees hired and the turnover by gender and age group are reported and
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Therefore, a special process was created to evaluate health and safety risk for any new project or the change in any existing project. This process is called Health Safety Environmental Impact Assessment (HSEIA) is used. The Company’s HSE objectives include assuring health of all stakeholders through proper management of operations and reduce the effect on the environment. Achieving zero Lost Time Incidents (LTIs) through improvement in supervision practices, contractor management, life protection rules, and road saety. Moreover, there is an online HSE event reporting system called HEARTS or HSE Electronic Analysis Reporting and Tracking system. Over 2500 HSE events were reported in 2012. In addition, incident prevention strategy were developed in the Company where stakeholders learn lessons from
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