Add Hope Code Of Ethics Essay

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What are Ethics? Human values that describe how one lives and what their term of “correct” behaviour is. It is a moral code based on set values. In the business a code of ethics describes the appropriate behaviour that is expected from employees in the workplace. It focuses on the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. Some principles that all employees of Add Hope should apply: • Be trustworthy: customers want to do business with a trustworthy organization. If the organization can prove that it is worthy of the customer’s trust, in return the customer will give the organization their loyalty. • Meet Obligations: honour al commitments and obligations. E.g. if the manager promises to increase children fed by 2% every month, he/she…show more content…
That could result in positive publicity, which would mean more R2s can be added to the Add Hope program. What is Professionalism? The competence or skill expected of a professional. It refers to the way business managers and employees conduct themselves when dealing with stakeholders within specific work environment. It makes sure of compliance in the generally accepted manner of doing business- ethical conduct, appearance, communication, attitude, responsibility, knowledge, skill, integrity, respect, etiquette and loyalty. The following principles that all employees from Add Hope should apply: • Focus: the focus needs to be on the job at hand and the lives of the people are hand, because that is the main reason for CSR, to help children • Relationships: professionalism establishes boundaries for appropriate relationships in the workplace. This prevents gossip, person questions and unacceptable social activities. • Respect: in order for everyone to do their jobs ethically and well respect is crucial. They put differences aside and treat each individual involved in a task with dignity and without prejudice. Advantages of Professionalism and
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