Addams And Riis Analysis

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In both Addams and Riis’s reading they each discuss poor immigrant neighborhood, were many lived in unsanitary and overcrowded homes or had exploitive and unfair working conditions. Adams and Riis both try to better this condition for those poor immigrant arrivals to the country in urban cities. Riis’s theory describes the impact of health and the development of character because of poor housing condition that affected people health and way of acting. Riis’s theory supports McCoy article on “Freddie Gray’s Life: A Study in the Sad Effect of Lead Point on Poor Blacks” because Riis discusses that poor housing condition specially if it causes an effect on the person it can either be mentally or physically it can influence the person actions.…show more content…
In Addams theory about mental health of the first generation connect to the article “Choosing Clothes, but Not Husbands; Afghan Women Strive to Mix New Liberties and Old Beliefs” by Joseph Berger which connect to the theory in that these women are imposed to their culture since their young, but that they want to be more than just housewives they want to be successful and inspiring women by finishing their high level of…show more content…
These poor housing environments are in poor neighborhood, were people live day by day. Riis will agree with McCoy that poor housing cause illness like physical and mental health problems. Riis will agree with McCoy because of the theory he developed on housing that poor quality homes and overcrowded homes cause people to get sick. Riis believed that substance housing caused many disease and illness, he felt that the government fail the people. Tennent made apartment small to fit many immigrant family in to one apartment because the population was getting overcrowded in the city. Riis did research on people that lived in overcrowded homes and in bad condition, he investigate by seeing the role of the government in these neighborhoods he went through police and hospital record and found out that people were getting sick, especially children were mostly affected. Riis focused and saw that the living condition were unhealthy and unsanitary, that the apartment lacked pluming and proper ventilation. He found records that showed death rate in specific neighborhood in the city in 1888 he saw that death rate that year was 26.27 percent (Riis, p. 33). Not only was their high rate of diseases high, but also a high rate of criminality was high. In the city, there were many types of single guys the adventurous, the lonely and criminals who were socializing people in a negative way that
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