Added Sugar Persuasive Speech

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In the article “Eating too much added sugar may be killing you”, Nanci Hellmich explicates that if people continue to overconsumption of added sugars the risk of different diseases become more apparent. Hellmich announces how that “added sugar increases risk of death from heart disease”. She supports her claim by listing some harmful medical effects, then uses quotes from different companies and associations such as American Heart Associations, and finally uses comparisons to convey her point. Hellmich writes it in an informative yet persuasive tone for her inquiring audience. The tone is in informative because Hellmich gives different types of sources and statistics which make it informative so its approach would be directed towards inquisitive people who want to learn more about too much added sugar. In order to state that added sugars are detrimental to health, Hellmich delineates how too much added sugar in a diet is slowly killing users of it. For example, “...including obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and risk factors for heart disease and stroke”. Hellmich is effective in displaying how added sugar can be very unhealthy and may cause death (if over consumed) because Hellmich has lots of details, quotes, studies that were performed, and two perspectives from different associations. The title of this…show more content…
Brown is also more steady with the discussion. Overall, the article did inform me about added sugar and it is harm to

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