Adderall Argument Paper

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According to the 2013 National College Health Assessment study, almost half of students surveyed stated they felt overwhelmed with anxiety in the last year (Novotney, 2014). These numbers continue to rise among high school students and college students around the country. It’s no question why the percentage of Adderall use among college students is also rising. Adderall is a drug commonly prescribed to treat ADHD and its symptoms; however, its use among students without the ailment is rising. The drug heightens students’ motivation, focus, and concentration (Student Health, 2016). Adderall makes an all-nighter easier to pull and assignments easier to complete. What student wouldn’t accept a little extra focus and concentration? However, is this study method ethical? Students today are overly exerted and stressed out so they turn to Adderall and other drugs like it for relief, but something should be done to avoid this illegal use of the drug and help students in more practical ways. Much is expected of today’s school attendees. Students are expected to be involved, have friends, get a part-time job, and aim for a good night of sleep, all…show more content…
The stresses and strains that are put on young adults today is getting out of hand. Between the work that school demands from students to the cost it takes to put one self through school is unreasonable. The dignity of students is at stake. Students are not only stressed and constantly worried about the work it takes to pass classes and graduate, but they are also stressed with the cost it takes to simply stay enrolled in their field of study if they are in college or maintain a scholarship. With the great power of education comes great responsibility. Something must be done to avoid some of the stress that all of this causes for students. No wonder more and more students are turning to academic performance enhancing drugs to keep their heads above water. They simply cannot afford to
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