Addict Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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An Addict of Love
For men, being brawny, valiant, and doughty are the usual assumptions set by society. Society expects men to be wealthy, determined, and passive humans but not all of them can fulfill these intentions. Furthermore, men are like knights that are tough and fearless who will fight for victory and want to ride into the sunset with a memento. On the other hand, in the play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Romeo a unique young boy, who posses different personalities personalities compared to other men Romeo has a habit of falling in love very quickly with women which shows his . Romeo is a person that adores every beautiful face he sees and develops a desire for the Even though Romeo can be very depressing
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For instance, when Romeo sees his friend Mercutio die he becomes hasty and he says, “And fire-eyed fury be my conduct now. Now, Tybalt, take the ‘villain’ back again / Either thou or I, or both, must go with him” (III.I.117-122). He is being hasty when he says this because at this point he is preparing for a fight to the death which is a bad idea as it violates the Prince’s direct orders to leave peace in Verona. Romeo lets his emotions override his rational judgment and is ready to fight and kill Tybalt at a moments notice. In this particular scene Romeo’s haste is revealed whenTybalt kills Romeo’s best friend, Mercutio, Romeo throws caution to the wind and prepares to end Tybalt’s life. Romeo is a very hurried person in seeking revenge as his anger overrides rational thought. Additionally, Romeo shows the same trait when he find his love Juliet in the Capulet tomb, he states, “Here’s to my love! (drinks) O true apothecary, Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die” (V.III.119-120). Romeo shows great haste in killing himself for one girl, his love, especially because she is not the only girl he has ever loved. He is willing to drink poison and kill himself before even confirming whether Juliet is really dead. As a cause of this decision Romeo and Juliet’s families are both affected, meaning his haste causes harm to more than just himself. Romeo’s haste is exemplified within these two scenes and is therefore safe to conclude that his hastiness proves to be a lethal
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