Addicted After All: A Literary Analysis

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  I told myself I wouldn 't cry Hothouse Flower level of crazy, but I totally just did. First while I was reading the book, second while I was writing this review and third during the moment this conclusion prompted me to reevaluate my life. Sometimes when I grab a remarkable, gripping novel, I get so easily attached to its characters that I sometimes forgot I was actually reading a story about people who don 't even exist at least not in this world. Everything just felt so real and vivid to me, I laugh when they laugh, I get so proud when something wonderful happen to them and when they cry, I could feel their pain sevenfold. I literally could see myself in the hearth of the story, watching every bit of the drama unfold right between my eyes. I once again fail to remember I was not living in their world. And that is how I would…show more content…
Addicted After All is the book I didn’t know I wanted and needed until I got it. After seven books, a reader might think there’s nothing new to expect anymore, but I was very wrong. From all the little things to the major plot is the bomb. It is simply brilliant, filled with unexpected twists that will make everyone oooh~lalala . Addicted After All is even more complex than the initial installments. There are a handful of intricate plot woven all together. I’m so pleased all of the loose ends were wrapped up neatly. (From Ryke apologizing to Lily and to Lily patching up with her parents even though I am still giving Samantha the side eye.) Krista and Becca gave Lily and Lo, the happily ending they deserve. I am in peace. Addicted Series is not just a book that I read and have liked or love. It’s much more than that. I will never grow tired saying no series ever made me feel this way. I could read it repeatedly and feel the same euphoric happiness I felt while reading it for the first time. It’s such an alien feeling for me. I have never known a fictional world and characters this intimate and I want to treasure that

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