Youth Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse (Drug Addiction) Among Adolescents
Varsha R. Bhujbal
L.A.D. & Smt. R. P. College for Women,
Shankar Nagar, Nagpur 440010
Substance (drug) abuse has become a very common problem among adolescents. Drug is being misused by students for various reasons. Today students begin drugs often because they are feeling pressure from their peers, society, conflicting values, due to culturally different students around the world suggests that modern youth all over the world especially third countries like India, Bangladesh and Vietnam are in the mindset of an overwhelming value crises. School, lack off conducing environment for interaction, this may lead to drug abuse home generation (generation
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Youth is the period between childhood and the adult age William Shakespeare in his drama” as you like it” states that one man in his life-time plays many parts on the world’s stage namely-infants, schoolboy, lover, soldier, justice, pantaloon and second childishness (seven ages). Here youth is the “age of lover” “sighing like furnace with a woeful balled made to his mistress” eyebrow. The youth is also called teenage and adolescence.
The youth is the commencement of puberty. It is the bridge between childhood and adulthood. It is the time of storm and stress. The characteristics of youth are growth spurt, menarche, first nocturnal emissions, voice breaking, and changes in sexual organ, beginning of sexual arousal, changed romantic relationships, gender role identity, changed relationship with adults, increasing autonomy, independence and responsibility.
Youth have different moral values, they are egocentric they are subject to psycho-socio stress. They are seemed to have problems in home and in school, with their self-identity and sexuality and particularly with becoming socialized into society.
The common tasks of youth are personal development social relationship, seeking qualification and employment leisure pursuits, creating a particular life style, becoming independent amongst
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Influenced by western ideas, they are faced with the choice of either staying where they are, or adapting to the western value system in total and rejecting everything they have known. Confusion and conflict often result in tearing their culture apart, especially in rural areas, which may lead to frustration, boredom in life, and a feeling of helplessness, and contribute to drug addiction as a safe measure. The problem gets more complicated, when poverty is the predominant

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