Addiction Diverity Index Research Paper

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Video Reaction Paper: Addiction Severity Index (ASI)

The Addiction Severity Index (ASI) is a semi-structured interview in which the counselor utilizes techniques to get information about a client’s addiction. There are a series of questions that are asked, the counselor must understand the content of each question in order to get the best response from the client. However, this interview cannot be used for diagnosing purposes. This is a starting point for case conceptualization and treatment planning. There are seven problem items: medical status, employment, drugs/alcohol use, legal status, family history, family/social relationships, and psychiatric status. I like how the interview is strategically set up, the video stated that lifetime questions such as “have you ever…” are design to get information about if certain events or uses ever
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Questions to determine the severity asked about recent time of event or usage. When asking questions and getting information from client, the counselor use a series of techniques such as restating client disclosure, clarifying any misunderstood statements, and probing. Probing is used to get more information about the client, the information abstain is often deeper than surface information. There was one moment during the video when I began to feel overwhelmed with the amount of questions asked and the pace of the questioning. It almost felt like the client was being severely interrogated about a crime committed. I don’t really like that feeling but I understand that this type of questioning is used to get useful information from the client in order to provided effect services and appropriate treatment. The video provided demonstrates of how to introduce in ASI. I like how the counselor has a chance to explain what the ASI is and how it would be used.

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