Addiction On Social Media Addiction

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I chose to use Twitter and Instagram for my addiction that I was going to stop using for four weeks. I decided to stop using those two social media accounts because my parents have always said that I spend too much time just scrolling through them on my phone. Some other reason why I wanted to cut 2/3 of my social media accounts was because I have heard that social media takes a toll of your mental health and self-esteem, the final reason why I chose to stop using Twitter and Instagram was because I have heard of how harmful blue light is.
Before I started the experiment, I would spend nearly two hours right before I went to bed and two hours right after I woke up scrolling through my social media accounts. I never thought that I was spending an insane amount of time on my phone because there were people I knew who were constantly on their phone, they had a hard time holding conversations and making eye contact with people. I decided to keep using Facebook because I have a lot of out of state family members and I would communicate with them through Facebook.
Throughout the experiment I noticed any physical or psychological changes. At the start of the experiment I signed out of my two social media accounts, but left the applications on my cellphone. There were a few times over the four weeks where I would click on one of the social media apps without even thinking about it; it was sort of like a reflex, usually when I am bored I will check my social media accounts. Other
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