Addiction To Social Networking Addiction

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A. Social networking sites are becoming a lifeline for people, almost everyone are using this platform as their daily life connect to the others. Social networking is changing the way the world lives and it became an addiction in this modern life.
B. Psychiatrist and neuroscience researcher Sean Luo of Columbia University told CBS News studies have shown that "3.7 to 13 percent of U.S. and 10 percent of South Korean Internet users express some symptoms of of inappropriate Internet use." He estimates that at least 1 percent of Internet users worldwide need treatment. Research has found that individual lifestyle, country development and fast facilities of networking can lead to major social networking addiction by harm of cyber activities, anti-social life and wasting time.

A. First of all, social networking addiction has big influence to individual lifestyle.
a. It affects the way of life of individuals as a result of the development of internet technologies emerging that make people want to follow the current trend and the daily life of the individual, by doing it.
i. Nowadays, lot of social network that make people addict to it, as they want to be updated with all new trend of social life. Individual ways of life that affects them in a variety of social network addiction.
b. There are those who prefer to be alone and just be active on social media. They constantly update the development and expression of their hearts and thoughts through social media

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