Addiction To Video Games Research Paper

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introduction I . background A . ADDICTION OF VIDEO GAMES IN GENERAL. B. THE RELATION BETWEEN ADDICTION VIDEO GAMES AND AMERICAN CHILDREN. II . CAUSES AND EFFECTS VI. SOLUTIONS CONCLUSION Introduction Video games addiction is a new phenomenon has invaded our world and lots of people start worrying about it because what addiction to video games can cause and what it can affect. Researchers have many surveys and studies in this problem to find beneficial solutions which can minimize the risk of that addiction. I. background A. ADDICTION TO VIDEO GAMES IN GENERAL Addiction to video games is spending too many hours in playing video games. Addiction to video games is a serious problem that harms video games players. In the last years, the addiction to video games has…show more content…
parents should know what these things can cause an addiction to video games to protect their teenagers from that risk. these causes may look like nothing but they are leading to serious addiction to video games. one of the causes that help American children to be addicted to video games is having no friends or social relations. American teenagers who don’t have friends or relations prefer to do enjoyable things to have fun and one of these enjoyable things is video games. having friends or social relations can reduce the number of spent hours in playing video games. also, one of the causes of addiction to video games is improving the video games.brand new technologies are added to video games world which attract American teenagers. these technologies are irresistible.for instance , EA company developed FIFA 17 by adding new stadiums to the games and adding new emotion for the players when they celebrate after scoring a goal . also , EA added the journey mode to FIFA 17 (EA). All of these additions have contributed to attract the American teenagers to spend a lot of hours in this

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