Addictive Experience Research Paper

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Formulate a five to seven page double-spaced paper addressing factors that may make an individual prone to addictive experiences, be it biological, psychological, or environmental. Incorporate your own thoughts related to the coursework that you have studied and conduct outside research to support your thoughts. There are different factors that might cause an individual to be prone to addictive experiences. The factors can include the person’s environment. Addictive experience can also be based on their mental stability. Furthermore, their biological factors can make an individual prone to addictive experience. Addiction experiences are based on how a particular thing makes someone feel. Some people might have greater risks at becoming addicted to a specific things. For example, families with a history of abusing substance might be prone to addictive experiences. There are distinctive components that may cause a single person to be inclined to addictive encounters. Addictive experience can additionally be focused around their mental solidness. Enslavement encounters are is focused around how a specific thing makes somebody feel. Some individuals may have more serious dangers at getting to be dependent on a particular things. For instance, families with a history of mishandling substance…show more content…
There are many aspects to consider when trying to stop someone from becoming addicted to drugs. First, you may need to stop children from using substances at such a young age. Then, we can look at the biological issues. In addition, we can evaluate them mentally and treat any issues found. You can take a glance at the environment the person reside. This mean observing where the person live and who they associate with. Being involved with any substance abuser could be a bad influence. Although, we may not be able to stop someone from engaging in substance abuse there are treatment program to help with certain

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