I Love My Parents Analysis

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Most mothers care for their kids and would do anything for their kids but, addie on the other hand she does not feel that way about her children at all. Addie plays the character as the wife and mother of cash, darl, jewel, dewey dell, and vardaman in that order. Somehow she see’s some of her children as mistakes and some of them to make up for the mistakes. She even dislikes her husband Anse. Through the story we can see through how she talks and how she feels about her children and life in general and mostly be can see hate and dislike for them as seen throughout the whole story.
However addie does seem to love jewel and that's her favorite child. But she also made the comment that “I would hate my father for have ever planting me”, she’s
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She said “I would go down the hill to the spring to be quiet and hate them” so it's proven she actually doesn't like her family and the only reason she still stays with them is because she thinks it's a part of being a wife. When she said that i was shocked she said it point blank she wants to get away from them and hate them. Thats crazy to think that a mother would think that about her children but it's understandable considering the circumstances and what she's gone through. But as a mother and a wife it's kind of your job to put up with your kids and husband it's not like you can just quit being a wife and a mother they need you and you can't show them your weak because then they won't make it out in the real world. It's bad that it's gotten to this with addie but it's all on her it's all her decision to give up on her kids and not only will she suffer her kids will…show more content…
That's bad because your mom always wants her children to love and respect her same goes with the kids they always want to know that their mother loves and respects them too. Cash also doesn't respect her as said here “ As he slides tools over, we shove addie into the seat”, as seen here he also doesn't respect her I would never do that to my mother because i respect her and she won't give up on me either. In the world we live in today you can get away with that because so many teenagers are allowed to do whatever and they don't respect their parents because of that. Heres another quote that shows and proves he feels that she was trying to balance something and he screamed “IT AIN'T ON BALANCE” to his own mother. If you live in the south today you learn to respect your parents real quick either you learn easy or the hard way but apparently addie gave up on her children and it wasn't going to work out anyways because she didn't appreciate her children and had most to make up for the last. Undoubtedly the connection between these two characters is disrespect and
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