Case Study: Addison Bank

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1. Does Saunders now have enough information to make a recommendation on whether or not to continue with the project proposal bid?

No, he have not enough information to decide to continue with the project proposal bid because Addison Bank was a high profile organization, and not currently a Deloitte client, the project was expected to be strategically important despite its relatively small size. Deloitte would not normally consider projects under $200,000. Moreover, two senior partners, Steve Smith from the strategy practice and Jason Green from the technology practice, wanted to be included on the project team. An initial status meeting was scheduled for Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. with Smith and Green to determine next
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Project describe

- Deloitte Plan extends the standard software, improve technology system
- Provides a universal tool for the development of business planning models
- Support technology, employee, cost, experience to research the project
- Reduce the delinquent personal and small business loans
- Reduce finance risks
- Cost suitable for Addison bank' budget
- Accept high cost to ''strategically invest'' in the project
- Employee training costs
- Hardware facilities
- Cost for warranty.
- Supported by Enterprise Technology
- Create a business architecture framework based on business objectives
- Recommendation to bridge the gap between current state and future optimal technology support
- System consult and maintain
6 months – 1 year(system)
(December to February)(forecast)

2.4. Answers the question: What is the core purpose?
Addison’s core purpose business in the project: recover loans, risk assessments on its loan portfolio in order to estimate the proportion of loans that were recoverable.
Addison Business Core Purpose => Strategy =>
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- Specific project requirements included a business and technology architecture review addressing both current and future states, documentation of key findings, and a roadmap of short and long-term objectives.
- The CCG anticipated at least one follow-on phase for technology implementation requiring vendor support.

3. Based on your knowledge of the project and the bid process, do you think that Deloitte should present a bid? Why, or why not?

Yes, I strongly believe that Deloitte should present a bid because we have Addison Bank IT Service Plan.
3.1. Problem Description
Business: problem about store information and recover loans
IT system: Limitations of their current technology platform and had decided to invest new technology. The CCG was currently using two technology platforms and wanted to standardize operations on a single platform need an optimal technology architecture to support the CCG business vision and strategy. The descriptions and recommendations related

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