Addonizio Poetry Analysis

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It is okay to start a poem feeling that it does not suffice your expectation. Indeed, that should be a reason to force yourself to re-work it harder. As Addonizio suggests, "the more likely it is that you will eventually produce a worthwhile poem" (188). Thus, revision is a process where one has to think deeper and find other ways to examine the same piece. Many strategies can be implemented to achieve a productive re-structuralizing or reinvention of a poem. Many pieces of advice are given by Addonizio here. Nevertheless, I would address a few that I have found sound and of my potential exploitation in my writing. The first, "If you find yourself losing interest in a poem, if it begins to look pale and wan, corpse-like, it 's time to bury it for a while" (188). This way of disassociation with the writing helps to give the writer a fresh look at the poem. Therefore, it…show more content…
Starting a poem from a journal is one of the simplest and easiest stage. However, it is the essence of poetry and writing and general. Thus, this particular piece of advice cannot be overlooked; since, often writers find it innocuous or even silly. In other words, something that is not productive and it is fragmented. Indeed, when I look at my journal entries, I do not see the poetry nor I cannot put the story together. However, the exercise of organizing my thoughts from the journal into a notebook helps me make sense of what was in it. Sometimes, I think of the past: where did I write the entry? What I was doing at the precise moment? And who or what inspire me to write it? Three questions that always ease the process of making sense of the journal and write the poem or the story I
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