Address To Congress On Women's Suffrage Rhetorical Analysis

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Woman Suffrage Women's right activist, Carrie Catt, in her speech, “Address to Congress on Women’s Suffrage”, explains how woman suffrage in inevitable. Catt’s purpose is to convince Congress that it is time for woman suffrage. She adopts a confident tone , uses direct quotations, and appeals to logos in order to convince Congress that it is time for woman suffrage. A confident tone is adopted by Catt throughout her entire speech to congress. Catt opens with “Woman suffrage is inevitable.” (1) setting the tone for the rest of her speech. Catt’s willingness to speak her thoughts gives her an edge because she believes in this cause, and her passion will shine through. As shown in “The woman's hour has struck.” (3). The Confident tone used by Catt makes it so her …show more content…

Catt reminds Congress that at the beginning of our history we claimed: “‘Taxation without representation is tyranny’” (1). In addition Catt also incorporates “‘Ours is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.’” (1). These quotes serve to remind Congress that they represent all people male or female. Catt’s development of logos or use of reasoning is effective because it aids in the building and credibility of her argument. Without it, Catt would be discarded as someone who doesn't know what she is talking about. Not only does Catt use historic quotes to develop her logos she uses facts to convince congress that the time has come for woman suffrage. She brings up the fact that we are behind other countries when it comes to this issue. Facts help develop Catt’s overall argument because they add to the reasoning behind the need for woman suffrage. Catt did a fantastic job proving to congress that it was time for woman suffrage. She developed logos, used a confident tone, and incorporated direct quotations to successfully support that woman suffrage needs to happen

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