Addressing Termination Case Study

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Hi, Everyone! • Discuss how you have been addressing termination with your clients? When did you start? How has it been received? What skills have you employed? Because my placement is at a sheltering homeless program, I have been addressing termination with families throughout my internship. There have been six families that I have had to say goodbye to, and there will be at least two more by the time I complete my internship at the end of April. The families who have just started the program are aware that I will be leaving the shelter when my internship ends. In the meantime, I am here to assist them. In my case, termination continues to be a time with mixed emotions, including sadness, loss, and happiness. With some of the families, as we discuss and review the work we have done together, there has been some amazing…show more content…
It will be quite a task to part with her as she has been an incredible mentor. Her continued empathy and unwavering support allow me to attend to these families as they experience difficult times. My supervisor has been outstanding in talking with me about terminations from the beginning of my placement. She is well aware that these families will come and go during my time here. Her focus has been helping me identify my own feelings with terminating. She has explained that forced terminations are tough, but completely appropriate. My supervisory relationship was exceptional. While being supportive and professional, she displays proper boundaries and clear communication, and provides me with a proper definition of my role and responsibilities here at the shelter. She has afforded me the necessary knowledge and skills to manage this “termination” stage in the most professional way. I am absorbing the knowledge gained from this experience at the shelter and I plan to use it in both my next placement and my professional

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