Adele In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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In this essay of Kate Chopins’ book The Awakening, the major character is Edna Pontellier some other important characters would be Adele, Mr.Ratgnolle, Robert, and Leonce Edna husband who are all Creoles. Creole men are very dominant. Creole's don't really let outsiders into their social environment very often, and the women are suppose to keep the homes clean and take care children. They are two women who are totally different. Adele is the type of wife who always listens to her husband no mater what. Edna is a woman who rarely listen to her husband. Kate Chopin uses Adele to let you really see how these two are so different. Adele is a Creole who is devoted to her husband. They understood each other so well. “If ever the fusion of two…show more content…
She has failed as a wife in her her husband eyes since she does not do the duties that are expected in the Creoles society. She never really wanted to have children at all but she did anyway to satisfy Leonce. She felt it was unnecessary to always have to be with the kids. If one of the boys "took a tumble whilst at play, he would not apt rush crying to his mother's arms for comfort; he would more likely pick himself up"(50). She never really felt that she exactly fit with Creoles. Creoles’ would tend to talk about childbirth and other things. Edna was the exact opposite of that she would never even think of talking about any of that stuff with anyone at all. Creole women gave their lives to the husbands whereas Enda did not do that and she did as she pleased so in a way she was carefree. She would go to the beach with very little on when she knew was supposed to be covered so she wouldn't get sun burnt. Leonce the husband was very unhappy when he saw the sun burn on her because he did not want his wife looking like like she didn't belong. Kate Chopin uses Adele as an example to show how Creole wifes' should act towards their families since Edna clearly does not treat her family how the normal Creole wife is supposed to. These two women are very different in a lot of ways because Adele constantly worries thinks about her kids and is a what a “Creole wife” should be. Edna never really
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