Adelina's Pov: A Short Story

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Adelina 's PoV That night I was in and out of sleep. Every time I woke up I would realize I wasn 't in my own bed sleeping in my own room with Tessa in the bed next to me. At times I would wake up in a dream like haze and swear I saw Tessa standing over the bed looking at me. As soon as I realized nobody was in here with me, I felt my heart drop. I had no sense of time without the sun shining through the windows, but I did eventually decide to get up and out of bed. I looked around the room I was in trying to think about what I should do. I decided the first thing I was going to do was to go through the big door before the stairs just to see if I could hear anything. I just had to see and I know deep down I was praying and wishing for someone to be there. As soon as I opened the door I stood there in silence, listening. I couldn 't hear anything..nothing. It was so quiet I could hear myself breathing but that was it. With the way this place was made, I wasn 't even sure if it was possible to hear anything unless someone was standing directly above me. With a long drawn out sigh and disappointment coursing through my body, I went back into the awful gray room and shut the massive metal door behind me. The sound that door made gave me chills every time and I…show more content…
The song made me realize how much I never appreciated the warm sun on my skin and the feeling of it on my face. I missed the way the sky looked and the grass. I wasn 't cold, but the warmth down here didn 't feel real like the sun did as it kissed my skin on a warm day. All I could think about was how badly I needed to feel the sun right now. I sat back and realized I was being an absolute brat at this point. I couldn 't believe I was complaining so much when my family could be hurt or fighting to save my life. I needed to stay strong not just for myself, but for them. I had to trust them and trust that they would keep us all safe. So with that I tried to stop dwelling so much and just try

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