Adeline And Mul Character Analysis

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“It is still important to be truthful and loyal, to do the best you can, to make the most of your talents, to be happy with simple things in life, and to believe deep down that you will ultimately triumph if you try hard enough to prove your work.” (Adeline Yen Mah xii) Both Adeline and Mulan wanted to make their parents proud, but they had to battle and overcome obstacles in order to triumph. Adeline’s primary goal was to have success and to make her parents proud, but first she had to fight in some “wars”. Adeline and Mulan are very similar because they both had to have courage and perseverance in order to succeed, they both never gave up or stopped trying during the “wars”, and they both were trying to succeed for their families. Adeline…show more content…
Adeline had to keep all of her feelings inside. For example, Adeline said “I could not possibly tell anyone the truth: how worthless and ugly Niang made me feel most of the time; how I was held responsible for any misfortune and was resented for simply being around; how my mind was racked with anxiety and constantly burdened by an impending sense of doom. How I simply loathed myself and wished I could disappear, especially when I was in front of my parents.” (Yen Mah 54-55) Adeline showed fearlessness by dealing with her anxiety and self-hate. She also was courageous when people like her siblings held her responsible and blamed her for any bad luck or anything unfortunate that would happen. Adeline did not give in or give up at any time. Adeline and Mulan are alike in several ways and both needed to have courage to fight the battles they fought in order to survive. Of all the people Adeline could have chosen to compare herself to, she chose the female warrior Mulan because Mulan went to war to save her beloved family members, just like Adeline had to go and “fight”, and they are similar in that they never gave up. We should all strive to be like Adeline and Mulan because they showed persistence and bravery throughout their
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