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If you were to ask people who Adeline Morley is, you would hear a lot of different answers. Some would say best friend, daughter, roommate, student, teacher, artist, athlete, leader, and sometimes even a goofball. These answers all came from some experience or decision that I 've made throughout my 17 years, 9 months, and 28 days of this wonderful life. I hope to give you a glance at how and why those people answer the way they do in order to shed a bit more light on this curious character that they call Adeline. Growing up in El Cerrito until I was five, I admired my starving artist family composed of a painting mother and guitar teacher father. Going to church every Sunday, and watching Saturday cartoons with my siblings piled on the floor established a nice grounded family affection. Once I moved to Benicia in first grade, the dynamics seemed to change and by third grade my parents got divorced. We stopped going to church since we didn 't…show more content…
I 'm sure that college fantasy will change and morph into something else as I change and morph with passing time. Likewise, my life goals will most likely change, however the underlying theme seems to remain the same. I want to be able to say that I went through and finished college, went traveling in my studies while I am still young, and made meaningful connections to people that I love. Most of all, I want to make a difference I can be proud of, and remain happy throughout my long adventure of life where ever it takes me. Now that you have a bit more insight to some of the decisions and experiences in my life, maybe you can understand why you would get so many different answers when asked who I am. After 21 years 9 months and 28 days of my life this answer might change, but hopefully you can still be proud to know me. I 'm looking forward to spending more time at the beach, with new people, making more life choices that end with new adventures and fun stories to smile at down the road. Thank you for taking the time
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