Adeline Yen Mah Chinese Cinderella

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Depression is what people think about when they have been hurt emotionally or physically and it’s not a pleasant feeling. In Chinese Cinderella a story about a girl named Adeline Yen Mah, who all of her life she was physically abused and psychologically scarred. Her life shows a presidenting existence of depression. Chinese Cinderella is a depressing lifelong story, and it’s depressing because Adeline is abused, bullied, made fun of, humiliated, and emotionally scarred without thought of full recovery from all of those horrid memories. Chinese Cinderella is a depressing story about Adeline Yen Mah’s life in a harsh environment. Constantly Adeline is verbally and physically abused, and it could be getting slapped by Niang or getting whipped by Father. For instance “Big Sister cried as she slapped me with her strong right hand.”Yen Mah pg. 15). This is direct fact that not just her parents abused her, but her siblings did too. The important to the story is that…show more content…
For instance “later, after father returned home, he came into my room in a towering rage with the dog whip Hans the dog trainer had given him the past Christmas looped around his arm. When he questioned me I could not lie. He ordered me to lie facedown on my bed and he whipped me. As I lay there trembling in pain and shame, I saw a rat scurrying across the floor it's eyes bright and alert and it's long tail trailing behind. I almost screamed out in terror but bit my lip and remained silent throughout my punishment.”(Yen Mah pg. 104). Importance to the story in this quote is huge because the father just whipped his own daughter and it shows the continuous pain she receives from her parents. Also for example on Yen Mah pg. 102 “I kicked myself carelessly for giving out my telephone number.” This shows that Adeline can't trust herself doing anything. It is very sad that this happens, here pain reigns
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