Adeptness In English Language

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The ever-growing need for good communication skills in English has created a huge demand for English teaching around the world. Millions of people today want to improve their command of English or to ensure that their children achieve a good command of English. The worldwide demand for English has created an enormous demand for quality language teaching and language teaching materials and resources. Richards (2006) said that learners set themselves demanding goals. They want to be able to master English to a high level of accuracy and fluency. Employers, too, insist that their employees have good English language skills, and fluency in English is a prerequisite for success and advancement in many fields of employment in today’s world. The demand for an appropriate teaching methodology is therefore as strong as ever.
Enhancing communicative language facility is the worldwide goal of existing English language education. Numerous endeavors are made to attain this aim since it is the language of knowledge as well as the language that arms students for the labor force. Adeptness in English language is deliberated as an indicator of accomplishment also here in the Philippines. A good level of proficiency is a pre-requisite for attaining a good occupation in this country.
As regards to the significance of English in the Philippines, Espinosa (2006) stated that the fact that the Philippine education system has been using English as a medium of

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