Adhd Classroom Observation

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My observation of Mrs. Seeley, a SpEd teacher at Sigourney High School, was very interesting and inspirational. The way that she connected to every student and morphed her teaching around each student’s disability was remarkable. I was truly amazed, especially with the kids who had ADD or ADHD because they were calm, collected, and well behaved. When, usually, they are bouncing off of the walls, cannot focus, and don 't listen to directions well. They were all on task and did everything that she asked them to; this showed me how much that they respected her. Mrs. Seeley’s method of instruction, classroom management, environment, and communication were all fantastic, relatable, and well-rounded in every way. First off, methods of instruction. All of her methods of instructing were lectured or written and varied throughout each class. The variation was due to the different grades, needs, and class that each student was in there for. The first class of the day was with a group of 7th grade students that had trouble with reading and were in there for “Second Chance Reading”. Second Chance Reading is basically as described in the title, It is a group of students that scored below proficient on the ITED tests and need extra assistance to progress. At the end of each trimester the students have a…show more content…
The classroom management fit directly in with her methods of instruction, like it should. She we was very big on active learning and keeping the students hooked and involved. By touching base with each student, she challenged them individually and uniquely; mainly due to each of their disabilities or disadvantages. By giving them breaks every 5-10 minutes, especially the ADD/ADHD students, it kept them involved and gave them a goal. The breaks definitely go hand in hand with active learning because it gives the students a rest so that their minds can process the information that they just took in. In a SpEd classroom that is a very important
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