Adhd Informative Speech

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Have you ever had a day where you are just always going and find it hard to sit down and relax? Do you ever find it hard to concentrate on your daily work or even your job? Do you find it hard to stay on task or listen to others speak? If you think this is happening or even starting to happen to you, I may be able to tell you why. What is ADHD? ADHD also called attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is considered to be a brain condition that is unknown. Symptoms of ADHD are very dramatic changes in behavior such as being more aggressive towards people or having a lack of restraint, common moods of people that suffer from ADHD is often being angry or even being depressed (diseases and disorders). Something most young adults or even young kids…show more content…
You think to yourself, self slow down regroup and think, five-seconds later boom you look right at it. Another disorganizing fact is school work, your at school all day get through all of your schedule and get home. Your parents ask “Do you have any homework today/tonight?”. You answer them back with a quick no, twenty minutes later you 're thinking about your day, shoot i have a 5 page paper due in the morning (diseases and disorders). Can a child/young adult control themselves? Children with ADHD sometimes have a hard time controlling their temper. This being due to others or peers nagging at them or getting on their nerves. ADHD is hard to be able for your body to take control. At a young age it is hard to have your mind take control over your body. As a interview with a fellow friend i received this information (diseases and disorders). Before at school I’d have a hard time getting along with friends. My teachers were not impressed with the way I would act around my friends. When tired, I wouldn’t ever want to pay attention or listen to my teacher or peers. I would be more in the mood to sleep and go home. When I wouldn’t be in a happy place, or something I did not like I would never take them time. I would always go from task to task until I asked my dad to help me get help. I was prescribed the medication Vyvanse to help control it (Keegan Heimer, personal
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