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How can students think that taking prescription drugs used to treat ADHD is fine to do if you do not have a prescription? How is illegally taking prescription drugs “safe” to do? Some students think this, and this essay will explain the dangers of doing this, and what can be done about this issue. Our society has an issue. There are students taking Adderall, a drug that is commonly used to treat ADHD, and they think there is no problem if they take it without having a prescription for it. People are going to the hospital, they are overdosing on these medications. They get it from friends, or steal it, and they can get addicted to it. This should not happen, and something has to be done about it. There is a problem with abusing and misusing ADHD prescription drugs. People who do not have ADHD are taking some of the medications prescribed to people with ADHD. This problem can be solved by having a system for doctors to tell if someone already has a medication from another doctor, only taking medication that is prescribed to you, and noticing any unusual behavior from family members or friends. Ritalin and Adderall are medications typically prescribed to treat ADHD, and they are the top two ADHD drugs to be abused. “It’s a drug…show more content…
"We discovered that these students frame stimulant use as both physically harmless and morally acceptable," (Devon Frye, Additude Magazine). The primary way FDA works to prevent misuse and abuse is through educating patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. This often occurs through the information FDA provides to each of these groups, such as in drug labels, medication guides, and alerts. The FDA is trying to inform people of the risks and hazards, but there are still people who either don’t pay attention, or are not aware of these things. (Laurie Raymond, M.D., Physician Health

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