Pros And Cons Of Adhesive Taping

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Collegiate Athletes’ Perceptions of Adhesive Ankle Taping: A Qualitative Analysis by Erika Hunt and Sandra Short is a qualitative study to explore the athletes’ perceptions of adhesive ankle taping. Adhesive tape is a very popular treatment modality for athletic injuries because it can be used for retention of wound bandages, compression, stabilization, prevention of additional injuries, and protection of both acute injuries and recent injuries. Taping had been important of athletic training; the widespread belief in the effectiveness of ankle taping and the extremely high incidence of lateral ankle sprains among athletes’ results in the frequent use of adhesive taping on ankles in athletics today (Wilkerson, 2002, p. 280). Adhesive taping has been shown to decrease ankle sprain incidence by providing mechanical support and enhanced proprioception for foot-ankle complex (Cordova, Ingersoll, Palmieri, 2002, p. 281). The benefits of taping include ankle range of motion, strength, and neuromuscular control. I choose this article, because my sophomore year in high school, I broke my right ankle playing in an indoor soccer game. After I got the cast off, I was required to wear either an ankle brace, or have my ankle taped before any athletic performance (practice, game,…show more content…
One of the questions being what did your athletic trainer tell you about ankle taping? One athlete left it blank, six said they got told “something” from their athletic trainer, and the other four said they got told “nothing.” Another question was how would you feel if you were not allowed to tape your ankle(s)? Some of the participants said “I would not play as hard”, while others said “I would forget about it.” I am personally surprised people said they would forget about it, because when I stopped wearing a brace/tapping my ankle, I felt so weird, and it took me a while to get use to not having that
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