Adia's Cultural Values

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1. A) ADIA’s mission is to sustain the long- term prosperity of Abu Dhabi by prudently growing capital through a disciplined investment process and committed people who reflect ADIA’s culture values, ADIA’s culture values guide the way they work and the way decisions are made. They provide direction for how they think and behave as individuals and as a unified institution. These values play fundamental role in driving their people and the organization forward to achieve long-term growth and business success. The three ADIA cultural values that they encourage employees to demonstrate are: 1) Prudent Innovation. 2) Effective Collaboration. 3) Disciplined Execution. Culture at ADIA, we define culture as a combination of behaviours and ethical…show more content…
ADIA manages a diversified global investment portfolio across more than two dozen asset classes and subcategories. We invest directly in global financial markets, alongside trusted partners and through a vast network of carefully selected external managers. Its Rank is the second one…show more content…
ADiA's Managing Director has sole responsibility for the implementation of ADlA's strategy including all decisions related to investments. The managing director or those to whom he delegates acts as ADlA's legal representative in dealings with third parties. A number of key investment and non-investment committees support the governance framework. The Audi committee reports to the board and is responsible for Reviewing reports from ADIA's external auditors and the Internal Audit Department; Overseeing ADIA's financial reporting, systems of internal control and internal audit processes; Making recommendations concerning the appointment and re-appointment of the external auditors and Managing ADA's relationship with its external auditors who audit ADIA's annual financial statements, which are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. The Risk Management Committee is responsible for implementing ADIA's risk management framework and ensuring that all identified risks are acted upon in a timely manner. It is comprised of members of the Investment Committee and reports to the Managing Director. The Strategy Committee advises the Investment Committee on ADIA's overall investment strategy and the composition of ADIA's long-term policy portfolio. The Investment Guidelines Committee advises the Investment Committee on investment guidelines for investment departments. The management committee reports to the managing director and is responsible for

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