Adidas Advertising Campaign

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Introduction Branding at present time requires more than graphic element or company’s logo presentation. For a successful business, it is important to create such image of the product that it becomes ‘first choice’ of the customers. Managing and building a brand can lead to play important role in making and strengthen the perception of company’s image and objective (Geuens & Pecheux, 2006). Discussion and Analysis The paper analyse three different ad campaigns of famous brands including (Apple, Adidas and HP) and the meaning behind these ads in order to attract the customers. About Apple It is a fact that for every ambitious business owner they opt for becoming a leader and succeed in their target market. It is important that the branding…show more content…
Adidas branding strategy often reflects the passion for athletes and their love for sports. The major focus is to build up cutting edge and new designs. It is a fact that Adidas brand respected and identified by consumers for their authentic, innovative and inspirational values. Advertising campaign of Adidas always has stronger impact on the customers through choosing the elements carefully that often reflects the wider aspects of the brand. They have used ways, using famous athletes and keeping their campaigns simple yet attractive. Below picture shows the simple product range and keeping it light and white colour background in order to make their products look more prominent. The advertising confidence is closely linked with the new range of Adidas deodorants. The major targeting audience is to appeal both sexes (i.e. male and female). We believe that the biggest power of this campaign is the underlying message for the customers that the brand users always for Adidas deodorants and they are High on confidence ( The campaign reveals that the brand motives youngsters to show self-confidence and self-assurance. Keeping you cool and fresh every time and everywhere you…show more content…
When it comes to PCs, the HP’s brand image and name is continuously growing every day not just for their desktop PCs and notebooks but also various other product offered by them to commercial markets and consumers ( Promotion of product inspires and creates greater demand, maintains brand reputation within the target market and captures demand from the rivals. Thus, world’s biggest supplier of personal computer, Hewlett-Packard Co recently launched a hundred million dollar advertising operation in order to show that they have the ability to market their products with style just like Apple Inc. This global ad marketing campaign was prepared with the tagline of ‘Everybody on’, showing that HP software and computers can help the individuals to get connected with the information from each other regardless of where they are. HP is setting their range of computer products separately from Apple’s iPhones, iPad and Macs. This new marketing campaign often reveals that the mobile devices are displacing PCs as the core of user’s universe of technology. The image reflects bold design and beige-and-black colour revealing that ‘computer can be used for personal purpose again’, the boxy machines used characterise desktop

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