Adidas All In Campaign Analysis

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On March 14, 2011, Adidas launched its biggest marketing campaign in its brand’s history encouraging its consumers and brand fans to go all in. Then again in 2014, this campaign was launched throughout the world cup. Adidas really took a more personal approach throughout this entire campaign. They understood that their brand was already recognizable, so they focused on engaging the audience and perpetuating that engagement with the audience.

“We give everything we’ve got, then go back for more. No doubts, no holding back, giving in. the court to the cat walk, the stadium to the street, whatever the game, we play the same way; heart over head. Inclusion over ego united by passion, we go all in”. This is Adidas’s All In campaign anthem.
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Going over the information, we come up with a conclusion that their target audience are people -whether males or females-, who are between the age of 10 to 30 as well as the people who are active in the sports domain like football players, basketball players, swimmers. But that’s the general audience. When it comes to Adidas All In campaign, the target audience is different and that’s the point behind the slogan. Young customers and the next generation is their target audience. This time it wasn’t about sports only, it wasn’t only for the people who do sports, it was for everyone. Not only Artists, or only guitar players, not only fashion lovers, or only football/basketball players. It was all of them in one person and that was the target. Adidas tried to show that the consistent factor of style, street and sport is going all in. whoever’s done anything they were passionate about has gone in, all in. whether on the mic, on the cat walk or on the football pitch, everyone, all around the world, they’re all going…show more content…
As for “All In” campaign, its slogan was pretty much effective. Why was it effective? Because the meaning behind it is a good one. All In means everyone, all around the world, right this second are all in. No matter who they are, no matter where they are, no matter what their passion is, and what they do, whether it’s sports they do or art they do, whether they’re fashion lovers or not, females or males, they are all in. on the football pitch or on the catwalk, on the stage or in the streets, they are all the same person and they are all in. However, when the campaign was launched again in in 2014, the slogan was changed from “All in” to “All in or nothing” which was more powerful than the first one. “All in or nothing” wasn’t just another attitude, but it was the only attitude to lead to glory. Nothing is left to chance and everything is left out there through every aspect of

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