Adidas Vs Best Buy Essay

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Introduction: The two businesses I decided to explore are Adidas and Best Buy. I use products from these organizations daily and I have supported them since I can remember. I am using my laptop right now that I purchased at a low-priced price through their online webpage. I have several shoes, shorts and shirts I have bought at stores from Adidas. Their web pages are very clear and concise which helps future employers. Content: The first thing you observe when you look at Adidas’s career site is they say they are “Here to Create…do you want to change the rules with your imagination? Do you want to hack the future? Join us”. In my opinion, this is a great opening line as it encourages the future employer in a positive and creative way. Adidas has a picture of individual employees and all of them are diverse and Adidas itself is one of the most diverse companies out there which is why they’re so attractive to employers. They then go to talk about who they are, Adidas is all over the world and their goal is to inspire athletes to break records, for people to live healthier and to be different by developing creative trends. To me, it feels as this company loves doing…show more content…
Adidas has 33 million followers compared to 8 million followers on Facebook, Adidas also has 18 million followers compared to 227 hundred thousand followers on Instagram! It is safe to say Adidas has a huge gathering of supporters across the globe. Both Companies have links so that visitors can share through Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Adidas had a direct link to the official career site once you clicked that icon at the bottom of the page. Best Buy does not have a direct link to their career site, which really surprised me. They both provide on their blogs featuring employees doing fun company events. Adidas, I would say show a more fun environment on their social media sites which is to be
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