Adidas Marketing Strategy

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Nowadays, the customers in a market are too numerous, too widely scattered, and too varied in their needs and buying practices, this causes the company cannot serve the all customers’ needs and wants. Thus, most companies have designed and applied customer-driven marketing strategies in their company to move away from mass marketing and toward target marketing. This means that the way of spending their effort in targeting the customers in a wide market but they should focus on the buyers who have great interest in their products and they can create the best service to the customers. When designing a customer-driven marketing strategy, it can be dividing into four major steps: market segmentation, market targeting, differentiation and positioning.…show more content…
Adidas developed their brand into three different styles according to the segmentation. Demographic segmentation is to divide the market into group based on demographic variables for instance gender and age which this method has long been used in clothing market. They branded the products into male and female, according to age and life cycle segmentation and gender segmentation. Adidas also has a branded range of male and female clothing, shoes or body-care and eyewear, which all three types in brands of Adidas such as Performance, Originals and Style also provide products for this…show more content…
Adidas focus on social class because people within a given social class tend to have similar buying behaviour. People has interest in many goods which is affected by their life style and those goods they bought are expression of their lifestyle, people who loves outdoor activities and sporty style will tends to buy Adidas products. By using personality variables to segment market, giving their products personalities that correspond to consumer personalities. From the fundamental marketing concepts, it is important to satisfy customers’ needs and meet their expectations in order to maintain their customers’ loyalty. Adidas did a successful job in this area, because many people who are experienced and image drivers believes that Adidas provides products which are fashionable, good looking and functional. Thus, Adidas Originals designed to focus on fashion and life-style. Adidas segment customers like athletes, gym regulars, sport enthusiasts, brand freaks and image seekers. Adidas often has work with different athletes, which produce products that will enhance performances. Adidas Performances currently manufactures several running shoes, football kit and associated equipment, being official outfitter of NBA, golf equipments, training and more other sports. Adidas also featured with Y-3 and Adidas NEO Label provided crossover products with different brands

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