Adidas Rhetorical Devices

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Tycen Biggs
Mrs. Pickett
Intro to College Writing
24 January, 2018

The company Adidas uses the pins on the wrap as a way to represent their logo and to show that they have products other than shoes. They inspire to use this ad to entice their customers to search for more of their products. Adidas is marketing their materials to take care of injuries and to prevent injuries happening in the future. The company is also using the wrap to signify that they’re supporting each of their buyers in all there fitness endeavors. This ad, in a way, tells people that their product can help them improve performance in any sport they may participate in. It also encourages their customers to continue to stay active and to keep buying their product. Adidas is showing that they can support people through an injury and help them with a product. In doing so, they hope reduce the chances of a series injury occurring. The ad uses an injury that is implied to allow the viewer to project their own understanding or experience onto it. A significant element of this visual rhetoric is represented through its deep meaning. Even though this ad is showing someone that is okay, the picture doesn’t illustrate how major the injury could be. This picture shows how people need to take care of themselves and take
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The colors can influence the mood of the ad. In this ad, it uses the colors black, white, and gray. These colors in show that it is dark and dreary. These types of color usually lead the reader to think that there is something wrong. At the top of the ad, it is all black. As it goes down the page, the colors fade from black, to gray, and to the bottom being white. These feelings can influence the way someone talks about a product and whether they perceive it as a reliable product. These colors make the mood of the reader change, as they try and seek a better product due to previous injuries in the

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