Adlerian Family Therapy Case Study

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Having a sense of belonging is an intricate part of our existences. People are part of various groups ranging from sports teams to organizations. Each individual has a specific role in order to contribute to these groups. However, what shapes a person views on how to interact with people or frame their mind on what their role should be? How do people determine what advice or belief systems should be passed down from generation to generation? What motives a person to accomplish goals? According to Dr Bowen, the structure of family systems impacts these areas of thinking significantly and if negative thinking or habits aren’t addressed this could lead to the production of generational dysfunction. This paper will address how to utilize the Adlerian family therapy model to address the specific needs of Trevor from a school counselor perspective. Assessment One of the biggest misconceptions that a person can make is to assume that they lack choices. People may not always be presented with the same opportunities however, they still have the choice of making good or bad decisions. Trevor, unfortunately, was presented with some major obstacles in his…show more content…
They often believe their fate lies in the hands of others due to encountering an experience in which they did not have any control over. Due to these events abuse, victims often struggle with receiving acceptance from others which frequently leads to codependent relationships. With the implementation of the Adlerian counseling model, Trevor will be presented with tools that will reduce the symptoms that occur from inferiority and codependency relationships. And develop a sense of Trevor true identity, his uniqueness as an individual. By discovering his true identity Trevor will be able to become a goal oriented individual that will permit him to have healthy relationships and become a productive citizen within the
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