Adler's Speech In The Gettysburg Address

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Abraham Lincoln Lincoln’s father was not poor as everyone thought he was. Though he was a good carpenter and made enough money to run the house, but Abraham did not want to be a carpenter, as a result Lincoln practiced law in Illinois. While in Illinois Abraham earned the name Honest Abe, due to his honesty in business dealings. Lincoln served thirty days as a captain of volunteers in the Black Hawk War fallowed by twenty days under Captain Elijah; Soon after this Lincoln served another thirty days under Captain Jacob M. Shortly after returning from serves, Abraham ran for the lower House of Illinois State Legislature but consequently, failed due to lack of popularity. In 1839 young Abraham met his wife to be and shortly thereafter asked her to marry him but later broke off the engagement due to a nervous breakdown only to ask her, and beg for her to be his wife once again to which she of course said yes. During Lincolns election seven states succeeded from the United States. In the midst of this struggle Abraham wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, calling for the freedom of the slaves. This led him to write and deliver his most famous work called The Gettysburg Address, which classified him as an American writer in the speech he spoke about the federal government’s right to preserve the Union. This…show more content…
Once again addressing a general audience Adler uses relaxed language so the reader understands the biography completely along with getting across the point the Lincolns life experiences led to the Gettysburg address. The author emphasizes the difficult times of Lincolns life assuming this will appeal to the readers’ sensitive side. Although Lincoln did have a rough life having to earn everything he had the author takes a bias point of view making Lincoln’s life seem like a sad soap opera while it all led him to deliver his most influential work the Gettysburg
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