Administrative Assistant Career

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Children are frequently told of the importance of having a career and how his/her educational experiences are geared towards securing their future by achieving this goal. A career can be one’s passion, or a “calling”, as it were. It is encouraged to make the most of one’s talents and possibly fashion them into a profession, or to seize the opportunity the moment they are presented. The choices are vast and can be overwhelming to any adolescent or adult for that matter struggling to make the right decision. What they are not told is how the universe can play a vital role in deciding their future. For some, what they aspire to be and what they actually become can be two very different careers. One can aspire to be a writer, however, fallen victim to life’s circumstance, things do not always go as planed. Instead, failed attempts to doge the curve ball, administrative assistant sealed her fate.…show more content…
An administrative assistant is not what it used to be. There was a time a secretary merely answered the telephone, made appointments and fetch coffee for her superiors. With today’s labor laws, fetching coffee is no longer part of our job description; a personal assistant takes care of that. The jobs or responsibilities related to an administrative assistant are far more extensive than what they once were. As stated earlier, it is much more than getting coffee or making appointments. Evan Taylor of describes some of the diverse roles as…”office managers, event planners, operations managers, accountants and even maintenance workers – often having unique job descriptions based on the needs of their employer.” (Taylor,
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