Administrative Search Research Paper

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Administrative Search


Over the years the courts have continuously expressed doubt on whether the Fourth Amendment should apply to inspections under administrative search. There are instances where the courts allows authorities to search the property of other or even a person. Often, the Court has held that administrative searches differs from police search in crimes such as; robbery/ burglary, rape, or murder. Accordingly, the Court has imposes different and reduced requirements for administrative searches and in some instances the Court has ruled in favor for warrantless administrative searches. For instance, in Frank v. Maryland the court held that some administrative inspections like fire, health or housing inspections did not require warrants since they were widely accepted by the public. However, Camara v. Municipal Court the ruling held that even an administrative search should conform to the Forth …show more content…

For example, in emergency situations a warranty is not required especially if it involves the seizure of unwholesome food, smallpox vaccinations, health quarantines, or the danger may have significant effect on a large population. Thus, warrantless administrative search kin airports is permissible under the constitution (Weaver, 2013).

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