Admission Essay For Dental School

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One of the most special days in my life was the day I was graduating from dental school. I realized it was more than a proud moment and personal achievement for me. I was born and brought up in a family culture where women’s role in the society was limited to that of a homemaker. The dream to pursue a professional career over being a homemaker came with its own set of challenges from my family. With the belief that I had greater potential in me to achieve bigger things in life, I fought through those challenges to become the first ever girl in my family to pursue a professional career and become a doctor. My journey gives me hope that it will encourage other young girls in my family and friends to pursue their career and reach greater heights.

My dental school experience was truly enriching. Established in 1952 and India’s second oldest dental school, having a high influx of patients, it gave me a strong foundation to acquire good knowledge and clinical skills. One of the most challenging cases was during my rotation in pediatric dentistry. A young girl, Harmeet came to the clinic in pain with many deep cavities. Her mother didn’t feel the need to save these teeth as they were primary teeth and expected them to fall anyway. I realized the importance of patient
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My desire to teach led me to work at Genesis Institute of Dental Sciences as a faculty in the Dept. of Oral Pathology. I was really enthusiastic about teaching oral pathology and helping students identify, diagnose and manage oral diseases. I also worked in the advanced surgical center where I participated in periodontal surgeries, implant and bone graft procedures and surgical treatment of cancers. This experience was an excellent opportunity to broaden my understanding and knowledge of
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