Admission Essay For Dentistry

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Since a young age, the field of dentistry has fascinated me. Going to regular oral cleanings and examinations did not mean sitting in a chair for two hours and staring at someone scrape the plaque off my teeth with sharp, pointy objects or "instruments". Instead, it was an opportunity to ask burning questions about the profession that I loved. I have always seen dentistry as an attractive and very important health care option. This is because it is crucial to maintain one’s oral health to prevent potential health risks to not only one’s mouth but also their other body parts. The mere thought of being able to take away some else’s pain and make them feel better through dentistry warms me and deepens my passion for this profession even further.
This bond and attraction with dentistry has only grown deeper and stronger as I have become older. Observing my brother-in-law and sister when I was in middle school gave me exceptional guidance and motivation into my dream of becoming a dentist. In most of my free time, I would look through the diagrams about dentistry in my brother-in-law 's textbooks. I remember becoming instantly fascinated from the intricate figures of the mouth. In addition, I would ask him about various dental procedures and he would give me miniature lessons about them. I felt lucky when he and my
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Thus, I have been acquainted with the field of dentistry since a young age. Observing my family members, working hard in school, and shadowing dentists have made my choice to become a dentist even stronger. In addition, my strong interest in dentistry and personality of working hard and not giving up will allow me to excel in this program. I will definitely apply these qualities in the seven year Pre-Dental Scholars program at Marquette University. The combination of the valuable information that I will learn in this program and my experiences and passion for dentistry will allow me to contribute more to this honorable field by being a successful
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