Admissions Essay: Moving To Texas High School

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I grew up in a middle-class, small town neighborhood right next to the coast in south Texas. At the age of fourteen, I moved to the Texas Hill Country. Before this time, I had been homeschooled since the third grade. I learned early how to think on my own and to think on a deeper level. I was able to take astronomy, robotics and things that helped develop my science skills which was an opportunity for to explore many avenues that I would have been unable to do in a public school setting. I believe that the individual attention that I received and the opportunity of being able to study areas that I had interest it will help me in my future. I have two older sisters, eight and ten years older than myself. They helped teach me to learn to read by the age of four and instilled music into my life. I also had a bonus sister who is not blood-related, but needed help and moved into our home when she was thirteen. I always…show more content…
If I chose to play games or extracurricular activities I knew I had to juggle my time of play versus school. If I completed school for the week in the three days then I had a four day weekend, but if I didn 't take care of that schoolwork then that meant I had no weekend and privileges were taken away. By me knowing what my work was in advance for the week, it was my responsibility to accomplish that goal. I believe that homeschool made me mentally and physically sharp because I had more time to run and play in the yard and go to field trips like the space center, the Houston zoo, museums, robotic competitions and horse rescue rehabilitation ranches. As a family we were able to take vacations and trips when most students were in school which allowed more attention on tours at points of interest. I believe that homeschool has made me strong in faith because my curriculum covered moral and biblical
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