Admissions Essay: Why I Want To Minor In Music

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The two things I enjoy the most is being a journalist and a musician, those two have made my life worth living for. I’ve always been interested in Music since I was little because when I was in Elementary school I played the Violin which made me really enjoy music. Now, I am in highschool and I am the lead trumpet player on my senior year. For Extra Curricular Activity I take part in Marching band for my passion of music and my senior year I lead the band as the drum major. It mostly just trains your ears to listen for the little things in music in my opinion it 's kind of cool. The reason why I want to Minor in Music instead of Majoring in it is because I do not want to compose or arrange music I would more so just like to direct a band rather than compose for one. In order to fix that minoring just covers all the basics which include composing a song but it doesn’t go in depth like majoring would do.

For Mass Communications I never really knew what it was more so than just a news show, I figured it out what it was when I started my highschool career. When I got to highschool and took the CM1 class that 's when I realized I loved telling a story with just pictures and videos sometimes. I
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If I made some changes to what I spend money on I doubt would still have money to use or save with. At this point you would have to learn to sweat the small things and not the big things. Meaning don’t worry too much on the money because you still might be able to find a way to make the use of your money work but just enjoy the small thing which is your career. You picked that career for a reason you can learn to live off of it because you are doing something you love doing the most. To conclude I would say I make a decent amount of money if I combine both Major and Minor and have two separate jobs if that is anyway

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