Adnan Is Innocent

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Adnan is Innocent Do you remember what you did on this day, exactly one week ago? You might remember some things about that day, or you might remember nothing. How about if I asked what you did 6 weeks ago on this day? Could you tell me? This was quite the battle for Adnan Syed, a young oriental male who was accused of murdering his long-time girlfriend in January of 1999. Hae-Min Lee, Adnan’s girlfriend, went missing in January and her body was found buried in a local park 3 weeks later. Adnan Syed is innocent of killing Hae-Min Lee because of three reasons: Cristina Gutierrez, Adnan’s lawyer, failed to put him in a position to win the trial, Jay is not an effective witness, and the window of time does not match up. Adnan is not at fault…show more content…
These people say that since Hae broke up with Adnan and that was enough reason to want her dead. However, Adnan was a smart kid who would realize that killing someone for breaking up with you is not a valid reason. Adnan was not hurt enough to kill Hae; he was devastated when she died and he didn't know about it when he was told. Also, they say that Adnan had enough time to kill Hae. What this opinion fails to take into account is that Asia saw Adnan at the library around the same time of the murder and she was never used in court as an alibi (Koenig, “The Best Defense is a Good Defense”). These two reasons are all that a person should need to believe that Adnan didn't have enough motive, or time, to kill Hae.
Jays testimony sets the timeline and proves there is enough evidence, which is not presented by Adnan’s lawyer, to say Adnan is innocent by a straying story. The time period where Hae could've been killed does not match Adnan’s timeline. Jay, who is a convicted felon, was the only witness and is trusted to give a good story. Cristina Gutierrez, who was Adnan’s lawyer, had medical issues that distracted her from using useful information in his case. If our judicial system still believes that someone is innocent until proven guilty, then Adnan has to be innocent, because they did not prove him
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