Adnan Masud Syed Case

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Adnan Masud Syed is the accused, prime suspect, and in official and general opinion the murder of Hae Min Lee. He was the victim’s ex-boyfriend, and was convicted of first degree murder and given a life sentence plus 30 years. His big problem in this case is that he does not remember what he had been doing in the day and time of the murder, and that he did not have alibi; apart from the fact that all the evidence against him is circumstantial. The majority of information of Adnan’s background comes from episode one of the show. “Adnan was born in the US, but his parents are from Pakistan. And they 're conservative Muslims-- no drinking, no smoking, no girls, all that” (ep. 1) “So Adnan had to keep his relationship with Hae secret.” (ep.1) “This
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