Adnan Persuasive Research Paper

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If I was part of the jury I would’ve said that Adnan is not guilty. I say this because there’s simply not enough valid evidence that clearly points to Adnan murdering Hae. I still go with my initial instinct that something is up with Jay. My theory is that Jay was jealous of Adnan and Stephanie’s relationship. Peers described Jay as “He was ‘mean, intimidating, shady’” (Episode Eight). Jay probably felt intimidated by Adnan, Adnan’s this good, well liked guy, who’s close to his girlfriend, the person he’d do anything for, the prom queen and Adnan the prom king. I think that Adnan might’ve mentioned to Stephanie about Jay and Jenn’s relationship, how close they are, and that he spends the nights at her house. Stephanie then brings this up to Jay, saying how Adnan had been saying these things to her, Jay gets angry and wants revenge. He kills Hae, shows Adnan the body and tells him not to get in the way of him and Stephanie, then says that if Adnan doesn’t help him, he’ll blame it all on Adnan. So Adnan helps get rid of the body, and is visibly shaken…show more content…
Jay started to get paranoid about the situation, Made up a story with Jenn about what happened, and called the police. Except Jay’s story is wishy-washy because it isn’t real, everybody was always saying how much of a liar Jay was, and Jen’s story doesn’t match up at parts because Jay doesn’t have it together. The only way for him to be sure that Adnan was the one to blame, is to make up a story about how Adnan was angry at Hae. But how does Jay know all this information? Jay has to put himself in the story also, put himself in the position where he can’t get in too much trouble, but in a position where he knows everything. He makes a deal with police where if he tells them everything he doesn’t get in trouble, and there you go, his problems are solved. Adnan is in prison, away from Stephanie, Jenn is right by his side, and so is unsuspecting
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