Adnan Sneyd Character Analysis

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It is assured that the fundamental purpose for our criminal law is to prevent crime, punish offenders, assist and protect. However, there are abounding cases where criminal law has punished a convict who was proved innocent . A conviction is necessary to display the order they obtain to keep people safe in society. If a criminal was not caught the people would look down upon the system. In many cases, the deputy will arrest an individual who seems to fit a certain description that they know will lead to an arrest. In the case of Adnan Sneyd, a convicted 17 year old high school boy is pleaded guilty shown in a recent podcast “Serial” by Sarah Koenig. The audience is shown many reasonable facts to prove that Adnan is conspicuously innocent due…show more content…
He told me um, I’m gonna leave you with my cell phone and my car, I need you to come get me, yes. [Ep1: 14:49] The contradicting commentary are very suspicious to the audience. Jay’s statements during his second interview should not be assured as statements about his own knowledge since they are not truthfully correct. But his answers in the second interview are evidently convenient for proving one thing, on the day of Hae Min Lee’s death, Adnan asked Hae for a ride and she was not killed in her car. Providing the question of, How did Adnan kill Hae if he did not have his car nor get a ride from her? Moreover, Adnan and Jay both testified that Adnan’s cell phone and him were separated within the day around lunch time when Adnan returned back to school and left the phone in the car with Jay. Adnan explained that he did not receive his phone back until his track practice was finished which would be around 5:00 pm that day. Focusing on the cell phone call log we notice a call made to Nisha at around 3:32 pm which would make it impossible for Adnan to make the call that afternoon due to all his events that were testified. Looking back to Jays interview, he does not mention the phone call ever being made that day until it is brought up to him he seems to remember everything clearer. Though the call was made from Adnan’s phone and during a time that Adnan was supposed to be at Track practice Nishas testimony about the call is not correct at
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