Adnan Syed Case Study

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Adnan Syed may possibility be innocent of the death of Hae Min Lee. Adnan didn’t have motive to kill Hae. If u didnt have a motive u couldn’t have killed someone. Adnan was jealous when they broke up so he killed her.
Adnan Syed was a Woodlawn high school Student in Baltimore he was known as a golden boy,smart, EMT, star athlete and went to mosque . Adnan Syed was convicted and given life sentence. One reason why Adnan could not have commited the crime because the cell phone evidence. The two calls used to place Adnan in leakin Park at the time when Jay said they were burying Hae’s body were both incoming calls. In episode 8 of the serial podcast the prosecutor from Adnan 2000 trial, said that their own, neither jays testimony nor the
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We know she never made it and something prevented her from doing that. Hae in a 15 minute window when she would have gone straight from campus to daycare?. In that case her killer would almost certainly have had to be in her last known location, which was WHS. People who have committed a crime and are interested in getting away with it are by necessity going to act normal.In fact,they will make a very concentrated effort to appear normal. And people who would have come into contact with Adnan that afternoon were not experts in detecting slight changes in Adnan.Jays saying Adana called him to pick him up from best buy and when he got there Adnan was at the phone booth talking, but sarah got blueprints of best buy and they was never one built. Why did jay lie?or if it lack of memory.?
Inclusion Adnan couldn't have a motive in killing hae.I believe that Adnan is innocent and didn't kill Hae Min Lee. The true chemistry of Adnan Syed story remains a mystery but the story that was told put Adnan in jail for lack of hard

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