Adnan Syed Guilty

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Adnan Syed Innocent or Guilty? If asked 12 weeks ago, it would have been so simple, but now a question that once seemed straight forward, is so complex. Sarah Koenig reports on the mystery, that all started on January 13, 1999, when an 18-year-old girl by the name of Hae Min Lee went missing. One month later, on February 9th, her body was found in Leakin Park, in Baltimore, Maryland. After an extensive autopsy, it was found that Hae was strangled to her death. Shortly after researching the case, Hae’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was accused, and convicted of the murder. Adnan was convicted because of one man’s story and one phone call from a phone log. Although this evidence could have been enough in another case, it proved nothing. Adnan is…show more content…
This call came at a time when the jury was told Jay was in possession of Adnan’s phone. This call brought up question about whether or not this call could have been made by Jay. Although it seemed like such a possibility, it was proved wrong. The call place Adnan with his phone or with Jay, even if this call was made by Adnan it proves nothing. This call was unanswered and continued to ring, therefore the call could have been a simple butt dial that was shortly noticed afterwards and shut off. Many will argue that if it was a butt dial it would not have shown up on the bill, because AT&T has a policy that states, the owner of the phone will not be charged for unanswered calls. Although at times this is true in episode 12 Koenig checks an AT&T bill that states, That is the if phone calls are unanswered there will be no charge unless ended in a reasonable amount of time. Therefore the call could have been a butt dial, and who ever had the phone realized after the responsible amount of time and shut it off, causing Adnan to still be billed. Although the question of whether or not Adnan Syed is innocent or guilty is so complex, the law would state that Adnan is innocent. There were no reasonable doubts about his innocence. The only logical answer seems to that, this is not a case of one man’s innocence rather the bias of someone involved in this case. Adnan’s freedom was forestalled due to this unknown because of one man’s story and one phone call from a phone log. This evidence should not have been the cause of a conviction, and should not be keeping an innocent man lock away behind bars. Adnan is innocent and should currently be a free
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