Adnan Syed: Innocent Or Guilty

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It’s a highly debatable topic whether or not Adnan Syed is innocent or guilty in the murder of Hae Min Lee, and I believe that Adnan should be let go from jail. There is very compelling evidence, that points to Adnan not being the one to murder his ex girlfriend. From Jay switching up stories, Asia Mclain's handwritten letters that she wrote to Adnan, stating that she indeed saw him at the local library on January 13th 1999, to Adnan not showing signs of even being mentally unstable. There is many more that I could go in great detail about, but these three focal points stand out to me as key evidence in Adnan's innocence. One reason why Adnan is innocent, is because Jay doesn’t know which story to use. In every police interview with him, …show more content…

Asia is the only reliable alabi Adnan has, and can be the biggest factor Adnan has in getting out of prison. Asia alleges to have seen Adnan at the woodlawn library, at the same time Adnan supposedly killed Hae Min Lee. In these letters, Asia says “I remember chatting with you” and “I called the Woodlawn Public library and found that they have a surveillance system system inside the building.” What makes me feel that Asia is reliable; the fact that she took the time to call the library and ask about the cameras. If she didn’t actually see Adnan, then I don’t think she would take the time to try to prove his innocence. Where would her motivation be at if he wasn’t actually at the library? it just seems like it would be a waste of time to try and prove innocence of a guilty man. Although Asia didn’t testify at the court case, she still is the most reliable person in this case I believe. Asia chatted with Adnan for supposedly a good amount of time, so that means that Asia definitely knew it was Adnan, and she did infact know who Adnan was before that, so it wasn’t a case of mistaken identity. Asia can make or break …show more content…

There is of course some facts that can show that Adnan might have killed Hae. A major piece of evidence that the police have is a written letter that Hae wrote to Adnan which was basically a break up letter, and found written on the letter was “I’m going to kill.” In apparently Adnan's handwriting. This could definitely lead people to believe that the motive to kill Hae was because she broke his heart. But, is there 100% evidence that that handwriting is Adnans? is there a witness who watched Adnan write that? No, it was just found. Somebody could have framed Adnan by forging his writing. Also, say it was Adnan who wrote it. He could have either been messing around and not truly meaning it, or it could have been just a release of emotion that he needed to vent out. That happens

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